Isabella Rose Taylor has done something that most fashion designers have not achieved in their career. And she has done so at age 13. She had a runway show in the New York Fashion Week. She also launched the line simply named Isabella Rose Taylor at The line is designed for girls her age.

Taylor is from Austin, Texas and started to show interest in fashion by the age of 8. She became serious about it by 9 after she took up sewing. She utilizes her paintings as inspirations for her designs and prints.

Taylor said that she was excited about her NY Fashion Week runway show and her adrenaline is pumping. She became one of the youngest designers to ever have a show in the fashion week. She described the experience as amazing.

Olivia Somerlyn was part of the show as she sang Parachute on the runway before the models went out wearing light pink babydoll dresses as well as blue dresses. Taylor placed clouds along the seam that hang freely. Some dresses featured raindrops on the fringes. She called the designs as a bit of irony because fashion is sometimes taken seriously. And it looks like she was having fun with her fashion show.

Taylor also had some maxi dresses, tennis skirts, and cropped halter tops that were colored blue, gray and black. She also had some cardigans and sweaters in blue, as well as some short babydoll overalls.

She has a team working with her after she graduated from high school at the age of 11. She said that she always loved creating and has been painting since she was young. She loves to share her passion to other people. Her New York Fashion Week show was sponsored by Dell. She has a long way to go and will definitely one of the designers to watch for in the future.

Photos in this post by: Isabella Rose Taylor