Spring has finally arrived and women are already updating their closets to be ready for the season. Fashion experts have predicted that this season will be defined by lace embellishments, soft pastels, creative jackets, and lots of pleats. Fashion runways have seen items with solids and prints, which make spring an interesting season.

Pleasing Pleats

The runways saw various items with pleats. There were traditional pleats as well as those that featured partial pleat. Skirts were bunched and have pleated front to create a visually stunning effect. They came in pastel colors, which are considered as the season’s popular shades. The pleats can make wearers forget about accessories this season.

Pastels Everywhere

Fabrics this spring come in soft pastel colors. There are used for shorts and pants, as well as dresses for night outs and office wear. Fashion gurus suggested incorporating pastels that are flattering and use them modestly. A person who has been accustomed wearing darker colors will be uncomfortable wearing light pastels at first. One can opt for handbags, scarves, or tees in order to add pastels to the outfit.

Flirt with Lace

Lace was also seen to be big this spring. Flirty dresses and leggings embellished with lace are in for the season. It doesn’t matter whether the fabric is fitting or flowing, it will surely capture the attention of others. One outfit that you can try is a lace shirt under jackets.

Bring Out the Jackets

Jackets of different cuts have made their way in spring runways. Jackets can come in various colors and prints. They can be cropped or boxy in design. Women can also get away wearing their boyfriend jackets. Jackets can add style to both dressed-down and dressed-up outfits. Collarless coats in pastels were also seen in the runways.

When shopping for new clothes this spring, keep in mind that not all trends suit a person. Be sure to know your own style and pick the right outfits.