A fashion sketch cannot be separated from the basic fashion figure. Some professional fashion designers believe that fashion figures also need attitude just like style. If you are still a beginner, you can start by creating a rough sketch of the body.  The following details give you step-by-step procedure to make a basic fashion figure.

The first step is you need to lay tracing paper over a full-body picture of a model from any magazine. You can use a pencil to trace around the perimeter of the body of the model. The second step is you can break your figure down into some basic shapes after drawing lines to show the angles of shoulders and hips. Your fashion sketch will be like a professional’s sketch then. The third step is you can remove the tracing paper from the model.  Afterwards, you can redraw the fashion model freehand by lengthening the arms, torso, and legs. So, your new figure will be much taller and narrower with a smaller head.

A fashion figure in a fashion sketch commonly has long, slim torso, and slender limbs. Furthermore, you can use a black pen to draw over particular areas of the body in which you want to show.

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