Looking at how a fashion designer sketches clothing is like watching a wizard who is trying hard to create a new spell. If you desire to be a fashion designer, having a passion on fashion is only one thing you must have.

There are still other things you have to master until you can consider yourself as a successful and professional fashion designer. Thus, a fashion designer must be a person who owns a mystical combination in his or her soul.

Being able to create interesting and pretty sketches clothing is the first skill you must have. The mystical combination consists of some factors such as drawing or sketching skill, having a great instinct to come along at the right moment, having the ability to market very well, having a good communication skill to connect with many people and build a new network, and being able to not only know the current fashion trends but also predict the upcoming fashion trends. So, your ability to make sketches clothing must be paired up with a good head for business. You will not get anywhere if there is no exposure. That is why by having a mystical combination, you can easily acquaint intimately with the fashion business.