Do you have a strong passion on fashion design? So, you must give a try to make clothes sketch. Being a fashion designer is not merely about a talent or a gift. As long as you are persistent to practice sketching regularly, you can indeed be a professional future fashion designer. Otherwise, there is a secret formula to create professional looking fashion sketches. Well, as I will be sharing the formula, so it is not a secret anymore. Check this out!

When you start to make a clothes sketch, you should find some photos of models. These photos will be the base for your sketch. It is highly suggested to find a photo of the model facing forward. The back of the model’s clothing must be visible. Afterwards, you can simply tape the photo to a window. You can continue placing a blank white sheet of paper over the top of each one. Then, you can trace the photo with a graphite pencil. When you finish, you can remove it from the window.

Now, you are getting closer to make professional looking clothes sketch. Over the top of the model tracings, you can draw your clothing. Lastly, you can erase all pencil lines from the sketch.

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