Air pollution has been so bad in China that even the high-end fashion designers in the country have started creating designs with smog masks. The oxygen masks have turned into stylish items and serve as a reminder of how bad air pollution is in Beijing. A lot of people living in the capital city have accepted wearing the masks daily.

During the Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week, designer Qiaodan Yin Peng revealed a sportswear line that looked futuristic. It showcased various breathing masks that matched the outfits.

Protective masks are not just seen in the runways of Beijing. During the 34th Beijing International Marathon, a number of runners were seen sporting smog masks to protect themselves from the air pollution in the city.


The level of air pollution in Beijing has reached record highs that officials are now looking for ways to create anti-pollution measures before the scheduled Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit that was scheduled later this week. They try to limit the traffic in the city as well as close down some of the factories in the area in the hopes of lowering the air pollution levels. The same measures were taken by China for the Summer Olympics last 2008.

Well, it is unclear whether the masks on the models do work. At least two masks used on the fashion show showed the 3M logo, which is a good indicator that the designer used real oxygen masks. The looks of the design were mostly post-apocalyptic and odd but they do represent the future of local Chinese fashion.

According to the designer, the high air pollution level in Beijing is not his main inspiration for his line. He said that no matter how good the environment outside, the key is to mix it with our hearts. As high end fashion market grows in China, luxury brands are trying to come out with complete outfits from head to toe.