It is not a surprise when actors or actresses become fashion designers and they get rather successful within some time. And it is rather difficult not to find an actress that has not started a clothing collection yet. But this actor has never been associated with any current fashion trends and if you hear that Antonio Banderas may become a fashion designer, you may not believe the words.

According to the latest news, Antonio Banderas is going to start studying in London at one of the prestigious design schools. Among the graduates of Central Saint Martins, you may find such famous fashion designers as Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney. And it is not a full list of people who have managed to become successful in this sphere of business.

Due to the words of Antonio Banderas, this idea of becoming a fashion designer is not sudden and this decision is a result of a long thoughtful process. It is one of the spheres he would like to become a professional. He needs a lot of knowledge to take first steps. Some people consider that a 54-year-old-actor is not the person to start a new collection but fashion is something that is not created by a template.

That is why Antonio Banderas has a lot of chances to create something new and to develop his own vision of fashion trends. At the same time, Antonio Banderas is not going to stop acting and directing. At the same time, a lot of people would like to see how successful Antonio Banderas could be. It is still unknown if Antonio Banderas is going to create his own fashion line or to create his own fashion house. Within some time, we will be ready to tell you but now all we can do is to wait for results.