The Miss America contest continued in Atlantic City, New Jersey with the preliminary competition last September 11. Arkansas is represented by Ashton Campbell but there is also another person from the Natural State that is making waves in the competition. He is none other than Tony Bowls, an award winning designer from England, Lonoke County. His designer gowns and dresses are sold in more than 80 countries.

Bowls described Miss America as the Super Bowl of beauty pageants. Bowls is tasked to create all the evening gowns to be worn by the contestants of the contest. He said that it is an exciting moment for him and an end result of the goal that he was trying to achieve.

Photos in this gallery are from Tony Bowl. Visit his page and check other designs

Contestants love Bowls’ creations and his dresses have become a hot topic on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. Miss Arkansas said that it is an honor that her fellow Arkansan has received. She described Bowls as an amazing person. She also said that when she puts on the dress, it feels like wearing her wedding dress. It is her one shot and it is the dress that she’s going to wear at that particular moment in her life.

Bowls made sure that the dresses are perfect for all 53 contestants of the pageant. He spent hours on the phone with each contestant and worked on a unique design for each. He said that it is an honor to be called the official evening wear designer of the Miss America contest. It is slightly daunting for him but at the same time exciting experience. He said that he is proud to be an Arkansan and having to dress up the entire nation via the Miss America pageant. As soon as the new Miss America is announced, he will start with new designs for next year’s contest.

The designer expresses positive emotions in relation to the opportunity and explains this chance as a result of hard work and achievements. Bowls devotes all the time to the designing of evening gowns and an individual approach to each of the contestants does not let the designer rest. Communication with the contestants is obligatory so that the result could be awesome and could be liked by each of the contestants. The designer is great but he treats the work with responsibility and is trying to take all the desires into account and to show them during the contest.

If you are a designer with name, you need to preserve this notion and to prove it with each of the dresses presented. If all goes in the way wanted then the heart gets filled with excitements that can make your create your masterpieces days and nights.