What can you conclude from seeing many pictures of fashion design sketches when you are googling? Maybe, the exact answer is the management of the pictures.

Management of the pictures or the arrangement is somehow pretty important to your pictures of fashion design sketches. Basically, the main objective of the arrangement is to make people easier in when they want to look up your work. Therefore, arranging them neat enough is indeed important. The easiest arrangement that many people have applied is to arrange them based on the timeline. You can name the folder based on the date. However, if you prefer to have it arranged by the theme, it would be also great. By that, you can remember the detail of each design as well as your objective in sketching. Lastly, you can also arrange them based on the color. You can put purple with purple, and have all shades of pink in one.

The most favorite arrangement is timeline. It is easier for us to look up. However, it will be better if we also give notes to several special designs that we want to present more. However, it will also be better if we give the table of content. The easiest thing is, we can have a blog and post it. That is the easiest way to find pictures of fashion design sketches.

All images in this Post are credited to: Julinemo Please visit check her portfolio!

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