Being designer is one of the prestigious occupations. Especially for you who have talent in art and drawing, why don’t you try to learn basic sketch of fashion designers?

There are several things that we have to consider if you want to learn basic sketch of fashion designers. First of all, the practical stuff that you need to learn is to know how to draw croqois. Drawing the fashion figure is simply complicated. You have to draw the model exaggeratedly; on the other hand, simply enough that is will not attract audience to it instead of the dress. Secondly, what you have to know is to learn about drawing volume and lines. This is important in basic sketch of fashion designers, for fashion figure will be quite abnormalif the clothing is just flat. After that, you should also learn about how to color and give pattern to it. You have to draw the pattern the way the pattern should look. Lastly, what you have to consider is your taste. Your taste, your personal touch, as well as your signature are pretty important as your self-actualization.

Therefore, dig up those aspects. Feel it, and draw it in your papers. Then, color it, and proudly present it.