You are not confident with your drawings of clothes designs, are you? I have several tips to make you confident with your designs.

The easiest way to know how people assess your design is to ask what your little brother or sister thinks about your designs. Remember when you take them somewhere and they say something funny about people’s clothes. They are honest.

Therefore, ask them, and listen to what they think about your designs. Secondly, you can ask your parents about your drawings of clothes designs. After children point of view, then you have to consider the adult point of view. Even though they seems, listen, and look clumsy enough about our young world, they know what we sometimes do not know about properness. Then, you can also ask your friends about your drawings of clothes designs. There are two kinds of friends that you have to get the answers from. Firstly, show your works to your trendy friends. To make it balance, ask your friends who are “ordinary girls”.

By asking the four types of people around you, you will surely get the best answer, or assessment for your fashion designs. It does not matter how brilliant your unique design is, but as long as you design it for everyday wear, and people around you say no, revise it.

All images in this Post are credited to: Walter Color Please visit check her portfolio!