Ghanaian fashion designer Atta Kofi said he sees nothing wrong about women who wear short and revealing dresses if the season as well as the mindset of the woman is right. The Italian-based Kofi said that wearing such clothes with bad conscience is when the person is guilty of the criticisms that are hurled towards her. We are now in an age where we have to understand what it means to wear certain types of dresses at the appropriate time.

Kofi said that Western societies that Africans are trying to copy wear the clothes because of seasons as well as reasons. A person will never wear skimpy clothes in winter. He added that wearing short dresses should be a standard fashion item.

The fashion designer referred to the 1960s in Ghana where people used to wear skimpy clothes that are known as patapata. He added that Ghanaians never saw those clothes to be bad and even became the norm.

Kofi made the statement during Xfm’s Xpress Breakfast Show with Kwaku David. He confessed his disappointment over how Ghanaians fashion designers present fashion in the country. He said that they are doing it in a negative manner.

He added that most Ghanaian fashion designers have a wrong mindset when it comes to showing their products because they are only thinking about the financial aspect of the business. Kofi said that it should not be the priority of the designers.

Kofi revealed that most fashion designers in Ghana only want to sell tickets to show off their products and then they would not be heard of again. Kofi has represented the country at international clothes events in Dubai and exhibited his clothing line at international fashion shows, such as the CPD Dusseldorfin Germany, Magic Show in Law Vegas, and Modaprima in Milan.