Ball room dress fashion design has become very popular lately, specially with the increase in popularity of ballroom dance competitions and talent competitions like TV reality shows. America’s got Talent, one of Americas most popular show has a section dedicated for dancing performance.
Fashion designers must “put themselves” on the performers shoes when making their designs so that the design is optimal for the activity that the performer will be making. If possible they should talk with dancers and get their feedback so that they can incorporate it to their designs.

All the performers now how important it is to feel relaxed and confident of your appearance when standing on the dance floor. The dress should match your personality and make you look thinner. It should disguise your “problematic” body areas and highlight your attributes. It shouldn’t get on your way while performing while keeping its designed shape.
There are several fashion trends on which a fashion designer can base his sketches.

  • Floral patterns: Used to be very popular but not very used lately
  • Electric or Flashy colors: Usually used on ball room dresses for children or Latin themed performances.
  • Animal prints like zebra, tiger or leopard patterns: Have become very popular lately but should be used wisely while designing to avoid looking too “flashy”.

All the images in this post are from: Lika Kvirikashvili.  Please visit her gallery!

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