It is rather hard to become a fashion stylist who is considered to be an expert in different representations of personality, brands and lifestyles. A stylist is not just a person that creates trends and styles but is responsible for production and promotion of the specific fashion using catalogs, fashion magazines and shows. These are just a few popular ways to achieve public recognition. At the same time a fashion stylist can work for a company or for an individual.

Considering working for individuals, a stylist should understand a character and nature of a person. As a result they can experience mutual satisfaction because this stylist will be able to select a hair style, makeup colors or accessories that would match the appearance and preferences of a client. Most of fashion stylists do not have relative education and they are born to be fashion stylists.

But at the same time if they are self-employed they need to have some knowledge of creating business and its successful development. That is why a fashion degree and business courses would be the perfect mix to achieve the wanted success.

Some fashion stylists note that marketing and some skills in administration would be an essential addition to fast public recognition.

Of course, you cannot be a popular stylist without understanding fashion, principles of clothing design, accessory styles. As a result you can turn a popular stylist just after decades of hard work and learning on your own mistakes.

To learn all the sides of current fashion and its international characteristics, stylists usually start their career with internships. Learning the opinions of already recognized fashion stylists, you may found your own way to express your vision on the way people can dress and look. Sometimes stylists go out and visit different shops to understand current trends and to discover hidden intentions and emotions of people of different ages.

Photo By Daniel Case (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons