Fashion Designer Alice Huang shares her beautiful sketches and talks about her inspirations, techniques and creative process.

Inspiration for me can literally come from anywhere; from watching a period movie to hearing a particular song. My favorite designs and sketches usually come from a mood/muse inspiration, whether it’s from seeing a fantastic character in a movie/TV show that I can use as my muse (usually, a male character works best for me since I love clothing with an androgynous twist) or it can be a set of imagery that I feel fits the mood of a collection. It’s important to be flexible with sources of inspiration as I find that it’s what helps me keep my work from getting stale and forces me to experiment with my way of drawing and to try new things.

What I find works best for me to jot ideas down fast is to sketch a croquis and use layout bond paper over it. This allows me to work out multiple iterations of ideas quickly and efficiently without wasting time to re sketch the body. Take the time to study the human body; having good body foundations is the only way to ensure your sketches look natural and will allow your clothing to be properly showcased.

My favorite way to color my work is using Copic Sketch Markers, easily found at Blick or online. They have an amazing brush tip and blends beautifully on marker paper. They’re unfortunately quite pricey, but I definitely recommend the investment on colors you use often, like skin tones, greys, and the blender; plus they are refillable! My marker paper of choice is the Graphics 360 from Bienfeng. I occasionally use watercolor but find the drying time to be a little frustrating.

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