Carrie Hammer did the unthinkable when she used role models and not runway models during her show at the New York Fashion Week. She might not be a household name today but she will be in the near future.

Hammer began her career in advertising and sales. She didn’t have any inkling of going into the fashion industry until she found it hard to find a custom dress to suit her professional life. Men got their suits tailor made for them and that’s why she wants a custom outfit as well. But her search came to a dead end because the service doesn’t exist for women.

Hammer turned that dead end into an opportunity as she decided to make dresses for herself. Each day people would ask where she got her dress and then she realized that there’s a need for custom dresses for professional women. And that’s how the brand got started. She caters to the needs of professional women who need tailored outfits. Her brand is available from her website.

During her debut fashion show at the New York Fashion Week last February 2014, Hammer didn’t get models. She said that she can’t send underage women to model her line when her target market is role models. She got 24 successful women and said that beauty for her is confidence. This was the statement that she wanted to give to the fashion industry.

Her line was described as tailored, fun, and professional. The dresses were not only practical but also inspire women who wear the designs. But there are skeptics who didn’t like her non-conventional approach to fashion sales. But Hammer said that the opposite is happening as demand for her designs increased. She still plans to use only role models in her future shows. She hopes that other fashion designers copy her.


Photos in this post by: Carrie Hammer

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