Fashion Journal is indeed important for anyone who call themselves designers. Yes this is true, for all of your clothes design drawings are simply useless if you do not collect it and put it in one place. Fashion journal functions as your gallery for every item you have created, as well as the exact place to sketch down your any idea which emerges out of the blue. Moreover, it is also functioned as documentation of your work, that you can use it as well as your portfolio.

There is no exact rule on making fashion journal. However, there are several tips and trick to arrange your clothes design drawings. Firstly, you can categorize your work thematically. For example, you can have Active Sportswear, Evening Gowns, and many more themes. It will help you a lot when you are pointed to show a certain designer for certain occasion. However, you can also sort your designs based on the time or occasion. Thus, you can have timeline for your work. By having timeline, you can notice the trend and the development of it.

Those are the two things that I may propose for a fashion journal for your clothes design drawings. In case you have another preference, just don’t hesitate to share with us.

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