All it takes is perseverance and talent in order for young fashion designers to be part of a national runway show. Blackberry Maverick has been picked as one of the 14 emerging design firms to take part in the Phoenix Fashion Week in October. It will be the first time a design company form Colorado has managed to be invited at the event since it was launched in 2005.B;ackberry maverick fashion Designers

Lexi Raney, co-founder of Blackberry Maverick, said that getting picked was a surprise and they were a little under prepared for the show. For the Phoenix runway, they will release their second collection, Spring Sweets. The show will allow them to connect with buyers and compete for the $10,000 worth of goods and services. The prize can help launch their brand. Dolcessa Swimwear was the winner last year and was featured in the Sports Illustrated 2014 Swimsuit Edition right after they won.


Raney founded Blackberry Maverick with Leslie Robertson. They hope that the opportunity will provide more attention to their collection that combines classic styles of the 1950s with the edginess of the 1980s. The exposure will also increase Colorado’s status in the fashion world.

Raney and Robertson have been persistent in trying to make it big in the fashion industry. They have contacted 70 boutiques but all of them turned down Blackberry Maverick’s first collection that was launched last April.

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Robertson said that Colorado Springs is a difficult area to launch a fashion collection because it is a small fashion community. They also don’t have any established designers to mentor them through the process.

Blackberry represents Raney and Robertson’s childhood activity of tramping across the thorns to get the juicy fruit. It represents the painful cost of achieving their goals. Maverick is who they are and their customers. They are edgy women who take no for an answer.