Are you in the mood of drawing sexy corset for your Designer Clothes Sketches? If you feel so, here I have several tips for you that might be useful.

Firstly, try to draw the base of the corset Designer Clothes Sketches. Draw a sexy and curvy female torso, and make sure you draw smaller waistline. Then, pull two vertical lines form the center of the breast towards model’s waist which is called bust center lines. Then, draw horizontal line as mark of bustier top line and mark the bottom line. Then, add dimension to your sketch by drawing corset’s outlines. Then, draw lines and makes it out on the chest, then draw straight, and up to the waistline, it goes out again. Then, draw some lacing holes with different color for different lace to make it easier. Next, draw the lace. The formula is: start behind, finish upfront. The, put a ribbon on the chest, and erase the unnecessary lines.

To finish your Designer Clothes Sketches, you have to give color for the corset.  That means, you also have to consider which color that bring sexy look to the corset. It is okay to play with color as long as it does change the whole impressions.