That we have learn the difference between male and female face and neck figures, now we are learning the Designer Fashion Sketches of male and female torso. Drawing torso may have been the very first people learn in drawing croquis. Thus, torso can be considered as the very first body part that people mater at the very first place.

Here, in drawing Designer Fashion Sketches of male and female torso, what we have to learn is the composition of body outline. Surely, men do not have hips, and women do. Men’s torso looks rectangular with inverted triangle at chest level. Moreover, men do not have hips either. So, don’t draw one on them. You cannot add hourglass figure for men as well.After torso, what you have to know later in Designer Fashion Sketches: Male and female is how to draw the arms. Men do have muscles, and their arms look twice bigger than women have.

After the arms, the last thing that you need to know is how to draw the legs. Just like the arms, men have bigger and more muscular legs. You have to show the stable, massive, and strong impression in drawing men’s legs. Men’s knees do not touch, and men’s tight is closer to the crotch.

Practice it!

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