Mr. Justin Park shares very interesting concepts about his design inspirations, techniques used and future projects. He also gives two very useful and straight to the point tips for new fashion and apparel designers.
Justin has more than 10 years experience in:
– Fashion graphic design.
– Men and Woman’s silk screen.
– Sublimination, jeans, textile and Computer Assisted Designs (CADS).


Unless the subject matter and the whole source of design materials are given from the client, it is up to designers where and how to get the inspirations.
I think all the designers including myself probably want to stay within the trend and yet want to make something special about their design.
I made a habit of turning unrelated things into my inspiration. I tend to look at all the visual things that interests my eyes, for example movie posters, magazine typography(it does not have to be fashion magazine), commercial, billboards, even the truck banners and some random daily coupons could become my inspiration. When I see some great imaged or unique idea that could be applied to my design now or in the future, I try to save the image(scrap, camera, draw or just memorize) and relate the idea into my design. Things I like about those raw materials could be how they layout the types and image, what color combinations they used, how they treated the image with the textures and so on. I do not like to limit my reference boundaries with just web site search, fashion magazines and shopping.

Techniques Used

There is not much hidden techniques I use. It’s 50/50 with Photoshop and Illustrator. I do most of traditional part with Photoshop and with Illustrator, I work typography, pattern and textile.
Collage takes good portion of my beginning stage. Starting with the blank white page is a very scary thing for me. Scraps from my inspiration works as base and I convert it in to my own design by mixing, twisting and adding my own drawings. Once I like the overall look of an image, I check with the size balance, color distribution, and spice it up with filters and textures for the mood. The finished piece should look fresh enough to catch buyer’s attention.


I can not name all the projects I have done. Some of them were for major department stores, some of them were for individuals who were trying to launch their line. No matter what projects are given, I always did my best discussing where we are going with the design, I ask what they are looking for as much as I can. You got to ask lots of question before starting the job. This will save the time both ways.

Future Plans

I am planning to launch my brand in the future. Lauren Moshi could be a good example of what I want to establish as a fashion graphic designer. I want to keep my art very original and unique.
Starting a small retail business and merging my line would be a good start.

Advice to the New Designers

1. Use what you see around you and make it into yours.
2. Ask yourself if you will pay to buy your design item.

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