Young fashion designers are busy cutting, sewing, trimming, and adding embellishments to their creations. They know how to use their sewing machines to create masterpieces, some of which have been selected for an event at the House of Art gallery. The girls are between 5 and 15 years old but they are not strangers to these types of shows. Their collections have been featured at the Miami Children’s Museum, local fund raisers, and runways in schools.

They are members of DesignLab Miami, a group of designers under the direction of Angie Cohen. She is a native of Columbia and a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has worked for several fashion houses in New York that includes Calvin Klein and J.G. Hook. She said that she sees value in the kids. She sees the spirit in their eyes while they are learning about 3D printing technology and how they can use it in their designs.

DesignLab Miami has been a niche player in South Florida. The group has worked with around 50 students during the week and the number has tripled in recent years. Some of her former students were able to continue pursuing their career by going to Design & Architecture Senior High’s fashion program. They would later take up fashion design in a university or design school. They are the new blood that will join the fashion industry in Miami-Dade County.

Fashion technology and fashion design is part of the area of focus that leaders see as a foundation for a stronger entrepreneurial environment in South Florida. One of the projects is a fashion incubator in Miami-Dade County, which is a program of the Beacon Council together with Macy’s.

DesignLab takes people a peek into the future of the fashion industry of Miami. Students are starting to learn how to use a 3D printer to create some of the elements of their designs. Students also have a look book that contain a line of their designs.