There are many ways we can take to develop our fashion design drawings skill. At first, we may simply imitate other fashion designers’ styles. But as time goes by, we need to develop our own signature look. There are some methods we can use to develop our fashion design drawing skill.

The first one is experimenting with exaggeration. You need to dare yourself to play with proportions in fashion design drawings. In one case, we can also draw attention with a minimalist look. The second one is trying to specialize in the clothing types we like most. By doing this, we can always be motivated to challenge ourselves to create something new from clothing types we like best. The third one is studying other artists’ work. It does not mean that you have to copy the style but to borrow the design elements from the style. The fourth one is keeping up on the latest fashion trend. In fashion design drawings, you need to have not only a good drawing skill but also sensitivity with the latest fashion trends.

Reading a lot of fashion magazines, visiting fashion websites, and scoping out styles at fashion stores will help you a lot in developing your fashion drawing skill as well.

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