What are the differences between fashion figure sketches of male and female model? There are actually plenty differences form the two creature for they are totally different.

The very first different that we can notice is the size of the body. Male fashion figure sketches are wider than the female, especially from the art of the shoulders. Female has more narrow shoulders, and male has wider ones. In short, male has wider part of body from shoulders to waist. Moreover, female figures is way more curvy than male is.

Then, when we draw male fashion figure sketches, we should draw the tight close to each other. On the other hand, many female fashion figure sketches are drawn long and separated from each legs.

Then, what makes them also different is the detail of muscle. Male fashion figure sketches should be drawn in muscles, to show the strength of male’s body. On the other hand, female fashion figure sketches are drawn pretty smooth; silk smooth, to show the delicate female body.

The last one is about the face. Just like the details of muscles, female face is silk smooth, and it is less rectangular. Unlike female face, male face is drawn more rectangular.

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