Fashion is passion. Yes, I know it pretty much. That is what makes Lady Gaga pretty popular, right? Thus, simply what you have to do is to follow you passion, and put it when you draw fashion design. Isn’t that easy?

Well, even though fashion is passion, however, sometimes we really are distracted with the trend that everyone is wearing. Sometimes, that is just sad. However, as long as we still do not have name in fashion world, thus, showing our passion is indeed important, but still, we also have to follow the trend. Easy to say, you have to mix your passion and the happening trend when you draw fashion.

What I may suggest you to do, regarding the issues, is look open up magazine, or fashion blog, and then give comments on it. Write down what you think about the design, and how you feel about it. Then, write down also what is it supposed to be. Lastly, start to draw fashion design based on the particular design that you have commented.

Later, if you want to post it on your blog or your Facebook account, write down what you are doing. Do not forget to recite the date and the designer, and explain your reason is giving criticism. Enjoy it!

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