Being designer is somehow pretty prestigious, moreover, for those whose name is well-known all over the world. Therefore, it is not impossible for many people trying to steal their drawings of fashion clothes.In this wide world where fashion and beauty can really be used as weapon in playing politics, economic, and culture, the latest collection of popular designers’ drawings of fashion clothes have always been waiting by almost everyone, not excluded those whose job is imitating the drawings, and producing the designs for life.

Piracy is indeed hovering over the designers’ copy right. Of course, it does not bring benefits to the designers, yet it bring greater good for those who play the economic and fashion in their lower class. It really is beneficial for people in the middle-higher class for they can also feel how great it is to wear the designer’s clothes. Moreover, for the people who are in the lower and lowest class, they can simply see the dresses worn by the haves.

In other words, it really is piracy. On the other hand, it really is a perfect and effective way of publication. It is a free promotion for the drawings of fashion clothes that only the haves can purchase it firstly.


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