If you are fond of fashion designing, maybe this is the right time to start your career to be a fashion designer. You need to know that irregular proportions are the norm in figure drawing.

So, equalizing the proportions of your fashion design model will not perfect your sketch. In other words, equalizing the proportions of model is simply one of the common mistakes done by fashion designers or artists. The following details give you brief reasons why equalizing the proportions of model is a mistake.

In fashion designing, there is nothing which is truly equal. What is more, there is nothing really symmetrical in nature. To deal with this matter, you should be able to observe something very closely. Then, you will find out that there are many uneven proportions that you did not see or realize the first time. In order to help the quality for your fashion drawing, you simply need to be more aware of the uneven proportions of your model. Otherwise, irregularities are the things that make the drawing more interesting. Irregularities in fashion designing will also show the ability of the artist. However, we cannot neglect that life and nature are full of surprises just like your fashion drawing.

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