Woman of today are trendy, professional, suave and fashionable at the same time. This is what a complete woman is about. Sarah Gandapur is releasing a new line of bridal and ball gowns as well as a fresh collection of Sari. Her clothing line makes women look graceful and beautiful. Her collection suits the needs of women whether they are housewives, young women, or professionals. She provides them with confidence, attitude, and power that is seen in a complete woman.

Sarah Gandapur founded her own brand in 2005 after she studied fashion design. She is known for traditional machine and hand embroidered western and eastern clothes. She makes clothes to people who live overseas who want to stay in touch with their Eastern roots. She combines the design with Western influences. She makes eastern and western pret, couture, and high fashion collections.

Gandapur has won several awards for joining international fashion weeks and exhibitions. She received the Best Fashion Journalist during International Women Day. She has also been part of the jury three times for Lux Style Awards. Her most recent award was the Best Fashion Designer from the ARY Film Award for Chambeli.

As a fashion designer, she described herself as having a flair for creating outfits that are wearable and yet at the same stylish. She tries to focus on fabrics and cuts that suit the body. She believes that loud and over embellished items are not always the best to achieve style.

She was inspired by her mother, who she said knows how to properly combine class with style. She said that style is something that reflects one’s personality. At present, people easily pick up trends and styles but not everyone has the smarts to be able to pull it off.

Gandapur said that in Pakistan, a designer needs to have a lot of contact. She needs to be able to speak for her designs and clients must be happy with your work in order to come back for more.