I have been interested in fashion design sketches of dresses that many designers have made. Actually I have no talent in fashion design, but I like to see each of them, and give my comment towards the dresses, the shirts, the blouses, even the fashion figure as well. I do not know why, but I am more interested in fashion design sketches of dresses which have colors.

For me, dresses which has colors, especially bold colors, has more value. Simply, the dress will be striking and make the person looks more confident and standing out. By that I do not mean I do not like dress with pastel color. But since black is everywhere in ball, so I just prefer dress with colors. So I like to see fashion design sketches which have color.

Pretty contrary to that, the only fashion design sketches of dresses in white that I like is wedding dress. Wedding should always be in white for me, for it is wedding dress. I do not prefer wedding dress in shades of red, even for autumn wedding. Even, I do not like baby blue or baby pink for wedding dress. For me, wedding should be white and white. Maybe there will be something blue, or maybe pink like one Anne Hathaway had, but the dominant color should be white.

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