Trevor Blake is a college freshman, but unlike other students from his batch, he is running a clothing line from his dorm room. Blake tries to balance working on a double major in fashion merchandizing and advertising, along with his clothing line TRVxBLK.

Blake said that the fashion scene in Atlanta has a big influence on his designs. He confessed of drawing inspiration from real life and online sources. He spends a lot of time on Tumblr, where he meets other like-minded people.

In Atlanta, he has access to what is trending in the fashion scene. He also said that cartoon characters and Asian street fashion are also some of his inspirations for TRVxBLK. While he keeps his designs a secret, he said that action anime of the 1980s has influenced him when he was creating his next line, which he plans to utilize higher quality materials.

His next line is an ongoing project because he wants it to be the best. The materials he has in mind will not fit the budget of a college student. He added that the clothing line is his portfolio and that’s why he wants growth over profit.

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Blake has planned of running his own business for a long time now. He has always been business minded. In middle school, he used to sell Ed Hardy tattoos at a marked up price. Then he moved to designing, making tie dye products, and drawing on hats that he would sell. He first made the items for himself but others wanted to buy them from him when he wore the items at school.

The items became a line that Blake ran with a friend. They called it Tye Die but it didn’t last long. After that, he started learning how to sew. And this is how TRVxBLK got started.


Photos in this oist are from: TRVxBLK.