Are you familiar with fashion designers clothes? To be frankly, I am not. I have been living in my own world where I am allowed to wear what I like to wear, and it is okay not to wear what those people who have money wear.

Many people around me; my friends, my friends, and my friends, are wearing either original or the replicas of fashion designers clothes. I don’t, and I am not wearing such kind of clothes right now. I do not know why, for sometimes I think those dresses and clothing, are just too much to be worn in my society. However, there are several designs which are reasonable enough to purchase. Coats, for example, or blouse, I buy them. But if the designs are just too futuristic (for me), I am not going to have it.

Moreover, I also consider a design is clothing when I know that the design and the color and pattern is accepted enough. Flowery, stripes, and tartan is just okay. Animal printed is also okay. However, to have more than three patterns in one particular clothes is just not accepted.

Again, I do not always buy the trend that any fashion designers clothes offer to the society. Instead, I will pick the personally most appropriate one.

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