The Georgia Museum of Art’s Museum Mix will feature the Athens Fashion Collective on Thursday. It will show a spring collection collaboration of Megan Huntz and Paper Cut Projects.

Huntz said that she has known designers Nikki Nye and Amy Flurry of Paper Cut Projects for quite some time now and have become friends because of fashion. Huntz added that she has always wanted to work with them, and was excited about doing the Athens Fashion Collective when she learned she will collaborate with the pair.

Museum Fashion Designer Exhibition

Huntz studied fashion in Milan and worked with denim design after her graduation. After learning about the washing and treating of denim, she experimented with silk washing and dying. That was when she decided she has to start her own brand.

One of Huntz’ memorable spring item features photos of the Georgia mountains printed on silk. She soaked the silk underwater and then printed the photo on the fabric. She described her work has having a strong artistic concept.

Amy Flurry and Nikki Nye are the founders of Paper Cut Projects. They got the name for their business when they were making paper accessories with the use of X-Acto knife and glue. Some of their works have been displayed at the Lincoln Center during the New York Fashion Week with other renowned designers Valentino and Cartier.

Paper Cut Projects is an abstract brand that has been seen in magazines and runways. Their items are artistic but still have an organic feel to them. Flurry said that they make paper wings that were made through precision cutting and not origami. She added that the collection will feature several oversized arm cuffs, collar of feathers, and hair pieces.

For the collection this Thursday, Huntz made a line of hand dyed blue silk that will work well with the paper accessory line that was inspired by the woodlands. Museum Mix is open to the public with no entrance fee.