Fashion Dress Sketches can never be separated from color and textiles. That is true: never let your sketches plain when colors and pattern should be there. Related to it, I’m going to tell you how to draw floral print on your sketches.

The very first rule in drawing color and pattern for Fashion Dress Sketches is to draw the basic, and give a touch of pattern such as pleads, as well as erase the unnecessary lines. After that, the important thing to remember is that the clothes are not flat. That means, the printed should be distorted. Then, draw a small flower pattern outside the design as the standard of the pattern. Thus, start to draw the same small flowers on your design, and don’t forget the distortion of the pattern for the dress is not flat. You do not have to start from the center of the design to create one. Just put it anywhere you think it is appropriate. Then, the less important thing is to draw flowers which are at the outline of the dress. Cut them following the body to give real impressions. Lastly, give the last touch to the flower details and color your clothes.

Practice Fashion Dress Sketches: Colors and Textiles and try more tutorial!

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