Are you interested in fashion lately and you have decided to dedicate yourself in fashion? Thus, I have several tips for you about Fashion Model Sketch and Croquis. The very first thing that you have to prepare is drawing paper, tracing paper, pencils, and eraser. It will be better if there is croquis in your drawing paper as well for newbie, and colored pencils will also support at best. But if you don’t have, let’s learn to create a croquis and sketch.

As you are new in Fashion Model Sketch, thus, you have to know several basic instructions in creating a croquis. Firstly, find models in fashion magazines. Pick the one which offers natural and clean pose. Then, if you are not yet sure with your drawing, start with grid to keep the proportion in check. Then, if you still feel helpless about is, you can just simply trace the model from an image.

After you are done with your croquis, then start to make Fashion Model Sketch. Firstly, after tracing your croquis, build your fashion sketch by pouring your idea about clothing that you’ve been imagining. What you have to remember is that you also have to apply general rules for design drawing in your sketch including symbol of stitch and zipper. Then, you also have to add texture such as pleats, folds, and patterns. Lastly, add back view by giving shading. Good luck!

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