Fashion Sketch Body is what somehow pretty important in clothes designing. Even though there is exactrule to draw body torso, however, still, there are many designers who draw their own Fashion Sketch Body.

For newbie designers like you, what you have to be able to draw is simple Fashion Sketch Body which offer simple pose. As simple pose is really simple to draw, it will not grab people’s attention that people will see your design clearly. If you cannot draw the croquis, you can simply trace it from particular model from a magazine.

Later after you have mastered a bit in drawing Fashion Sketch Body or croquis, you can also learn drawing more Fashion Sketch Body from many well-known designers such as Vera Wang, and many more. There, you can find out that there is really non exact rule in drawing croquis. The unsaid rule is simple: the figure supports your design. If it attracts more than the designs, you really have to change it.

Moreover, when you are expert now, you can draw details on face as well. In this case, again, there are many designers who pay different attention to the details. However, picking up beautiful and unique details can also attract more attention.

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