Fashion is somehow always identical with women. If you don’t believe in me, just Google“Fashion Sketch Design” and you’ll find out the page will be fulfilled by women sketches there. Somehow, the trend that women is identical with fashion really influence designer’s ability to draw male figure. Related to it, I would share several basic steps in drawing which differentiates male and female figure.

The very first thing to learn about Fashion Sketch Design: Male and femaleis to draw differences between male and female face. Female tends to have more rounded head shape and the face line is also smoother, while male tends to have bigger and more rectangular forms. In dealing with details, male figures have bigger eyebrows and they are places closer to the eyes. Male figures also have bigger ears, bigger and defined nose, and tends to have less rounded eyes. The distinct difference is also in the chin and the slant of eyes.

Getting lower, another difference in Fashion Sketch Design: Male and female is dealing with the neck and shoulders. Men have shorter and wider neck which makes the shoulder looks a lot wider as well. Then, men also have trapezius muscle between the neck and the shoulder.

Master them, and let’s learn more in other article.

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