Kamila was very kind to share a lot of her handmade sketches. Her technique is impressive!

Check out more of her great designs:


She told us:
My name is Kamilla Isalieva,I live in Belgium and I study graphic
desgin at Royal academy of fine arts in Antwerp,I love fashion,I
always draw sketches mostly fashion.I send you my drawings to see if
you like them




About her Inspirations…

My inspiration comes from daily life,I like to spend time by drawing something,it makes me feel relaxed and I forget about all my problems,for me my inspiration from fashion world is Haider Ackermann,I think he’s more than fashion designer,he thinks about his creations as work of art,thinks about every color,every layer that he uses in his collections.For me,it’s important to create something new and have inspiration as an artist,I can’t draw when I feel empty,

I love o make fashion sketches,it happens spontaneously, My biggest inspiration comes from the place where I live , in Antwerp , because and my influence was always art, which I adore all my life . I also like different styles of art–expressionism which where Van Gogh is my favourite , i like abstract a lot , i like to see a picture and think about it , also minimalisme – geometric lines and few colours, i like everything about art and that inspiring me a lot, like giving me a second breath . Like living in another world where people are staying outside and there’s only me and the pictures.

My influence from the works are came from when I was 9 , at school . I started to draw a three, I never gonna forget that moment that I thought that I never gonna be good at painting. Than I started to draw woman faces, of course not so good, it was childish drawings , and I kinda like them. Than later when I came here, to Belgium I started to draw a lot, hiding all my papers and my studybooks were all painted , all women’s faces. Faces that I don’t even knew. It’s so mysterious . Later I started to study publicity& illustration, and it was that I wanted to do a long long time . I really love to do what gives you energy and motivation. and I started to visit art classes at evening , like an extra , and we had to draw a lot a naked women. So I can say that women have a big influence on me because it’s beautiful creatures.

Everybody say that I’m good and my teacher said that I have a good techniek to paint , it’s rough techniek , good for oil paintings. But in my opinion I have never enough. I always wanna do something new, to be inspired by other painters, who beter than me, of course, and I don’t mind that my classmates are saying or my teachers, I just doing that I love and I like to look at the other side , other painters outside the school , reading books about art , I have to do a lot , I have to learn enough , and I won’t stop exploring .

Take a look at her beautiful handmade sketches: