As December nears, the weather is starting to get colder each day but not too cold that you need to wear a coat whenever you step outside the door. This this type of weather, you need to have a fashionable pullover. It will work well with a pair of pants for work, a peacoat and a parka. When the days get colder then layer up with button up shirts and long underwear under the pullover.

Another fashion item that you must have for this type of weather is a scarf. It is now known as the new necklace. At the recent fashion shows, models have been wearing them in place of necklaces. During her first Vogue pictorial, Kendall Jenner had a printed scarf and plain shirt that worked for her. It is easy to find a scarf that works for you. And there are many ways to wear one. You can tie it like a neckerchief or folded like a choker.

Another fashion trend that has hit New York is the intricate bracelets, necklaces and rings that are influenced by the ancient Romans. The latest collection from jeweler Randi Mates are all handcrafted in New York and made of a combination of gold and bronze. Some of the items are embellished with garnets, pearls, and pink zircons. The designer has chosen singer/actress Hannah Green as the model for the line.

Ghurka, the leather goods brand that was founded by Marley Hodgson, has made a comeback in the handbag market for the first time in fifteen years. The line includes new versions of old models as well as new designs. One of them is the top handle bag that has been inspired by a racquet bag. There’s also a paper bag tote in petal pink. The brand also has clutch wallets and gloves in various colors.