To become an expert in making fashion design drawings sketches, you must have a great understanding in fashion world, fashion business, latest fashion trends, and types of sketching for fashion. Regarding that one the main jobs of a fashion designer is sketching, you have to know two types of sketching for fashion: flat sketching and fashion sketching.

Flat sketches are known as they involve a visual language. When you find fashion design drawings sketches which have scaled-down drawings, you can conclude that they are flat sketches. Flat sketches are also known as blueprints. The characteristics of flat sketches include a zipper which is indicated by a zipper head which is followed by a dotted line and the clothing edges which are drawn curved. Fashion sketching is defined as a portrait of the clothes just like they would look on someone. So, the fashion design drawings sketches will try to portray a feeling. The clothes will be expressed in three dimensions. The sketch is more likely a figure drawing.

To sum up, there are two types of sketching for fashion. The first one is flat sketching. The other type is fashion sketching. Somehow, both flat sketches and fashion sketches are integral.


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