I am apparently having a good news for those who wants to learn about clothes sketches, as well as learning how to color it, before learning to draw the real fashion sketches. There have been several sites which offer flat clothes sketches which come in Adobe Illustrator and JPEG formats.

As what I have said before, the designer nexus even provides anything about clothes sketches in the form of those files. We may not copy it, but we are recommended to download it. What can even be better than that? The clothes sketches provided by the site included the easier one such as t-shirt and shirt, to the most complex one such as dress and blazers. Moreover, there are also several designs for underwear and panties.

Why do I suggest you guys downloading the flat clothes sketches? Flat clothes design indeed teaches us how to draw the clothes. We basically try to formulate, to measure, and to draw the real clothes just like this one. When we have drawn this, then we really know the mere clothes for being sewn. On the other hand, if you want to make it beautifully drawn, try to draw the flat version first on your croqois, and then learn to give pattern and details.

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