Fashion designers are not limited to those who create beautiful garments that sweep down the runway, but they also taking simpler, more practical task such as designing handbags. There is as much of a need for those who design shoes and handbags as their are a need for designers who specialize in any other realm of fashion design.

Therefore, several schools have dedicated degree programs especially for those who live in this particular niche of fashion design.

Before one can decide that they want to become involve in handbag design, they must first not only have an eye and taste for quality handbags, but they also have to be capable of sketching handbags. Sketching allows the designer to get all the beautiful design ideas out of their brain and onto their paper.For some, sketching is a natural activity and they can clearly articulate what they see in their head to something others can understand in their sketch. Others, unfortunately, are less gifted and, while they may have great ideas, illustrating those ideas through sketching is less fluid. In order to gain attention for your designs you must be have clear sketches to portray your vision, therefore, regular practice is required to gain this skill.

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There are several books, website, and YouTube tutorials that can help teach the basics of sketching handbags, but it will take lots of practice to master the skill and clearly display your designs. Once you have perfected, or at least worked to perfect, you ability to sketch handbag via pen and paper, you may want to begin applying those designs to an electronic application which can enhance your design. With the advancement of technology, designers can now download apps to their smartphones, tablets, or computers which enable them bring their two dimensional design to life with a three dimensional color enhanced model. With these devices, designers can better plan and articulate their designs. This technology has the potential to lead to designers creating more beautifully planned handbags, as well as other garments.

  • Good ideas and the ability to sketch, unfortunately, don’t always lead to a good designer.

A good designer understand versatility and durability of a bag. Therefore, not only does the bag have to look good, it has to be well made and of quality, lasting materials. Designers must learn what fabrics and stitches work best to create a lasting and beautiful bag. Designers should learn about fabrics knowing which are strong and know how much wear and tear they can handle. Always recognizing that the consumer is the heart of the projects, good designers take the average woman into account when designing a handbag. They acknowledged the possibility that the owner of this bag may be a busy mother, running from one meeting to the next, and finally rushing off to her child’s soccer game. Acknowledging this particular woman as the owner of this bag, the designer may consider creating a bag with extra pockets, to assure that the woman has plenty of hiding places for all of the trinkets she might need throughout the day. It also opens the designer up to the idea that this bag will be traveling indoors and outdoors, therefore needing to be made of a fabric durable enough to stand up to weather changes.

To be a designer of handbags, you must understand your consumer and understand yourself. You must be capable of sketching your ideas to match your vision, but also shift, adapt, and enhance your design to meet the needs of the buyer.

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