Zishan submitted very nice hand made sketches of her work.

Thanks a lot Zishan!

We look forward to receiving more Sketches of your desings


She talks about her work and experience:

Hi, my name is Zişan(Zishan), I live in Istanbul,Turkey. I am 18 years old, student of medicine faculty and I want to graduate 2 faculties first is medicine other is fashion design. By the way I want to talk about my fashion experince ;I do art for 13 years I have 3 awards I got offers by my art teachers.  took art lesson 12 years professionaly, my nearly 10 works went exhibition in famous places. I have a account in polyvore which includes the most popular fashion ideas and sets. I made a lot of sets there, I am a blogger for 8 years but this year I signed up blogspot I  post some of my fashion sets and sketches…..
My inspriation is nature, human’s soul, feelings,emotions that nobody can’t explain only art and fashion can do it.


  • Her contact details:
    Email: zisantemiz1@hotmail.com
    Blogs: http://zisantemiz.polyvore.com/