One of the most common mistakes made by people in making fashion designing sketches is they do not spend enough time on hands and feet. There are not only beginners but also professional artists who have troubles in drawing hands and feet.

We realize that it will take time but it will be more than worth the extra effort. We should remember that if we screw up on one part, there is also a higher risk to weaken the entire work. There is a perfect solution with this matter.

When making fashion designing sketches, we can devote some time to work a little longer on the hands and feet. Maybe it will take few minutes to focus drawing on both hands and feet. What is more, there is a need to study them thoroughly as well. We may be required to draw and redraw the hands and feet for several times in order to make them appear perfectly. We can also study from professional artists’ fashion designing sketches. At first, we can imitate the hands and feet of their figure. We need to do it for several times until we can challenge ourselves to make the hands and feet without looking at the professionals’ sketches.

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