If you are looking for different sketch fashion, I have to recommend you to take a look at Indonesian’s Muslim fashion timeline. For sure, you will have another point of view.

What is currently happening in Indonesia Muslim fashion is what so called as Hijabers. Actually, this is a particular group of young Muslim women in Indonesia whose taste in fashion, especially with their hijab, is considerably bold. I may say that the Muslim fashion Indonesia has grown rapidly. The women transform their fashion from ordinary blouse, ordinary hijab, headscarf and veil, and trousers into bold clothing, hijab, and accessories. Most of the women are now wearing flowery dresses, blouses, skirts, shirts in bold colors.

In short, I recommend you to play with color and pattern just like the Hijabers wearing at this very time. You can even combine red long flowery skirt, yellow long cardigan, and blue flowery veil in your Hijabers style sketch fashion. The key is being bold. It is the time when Muslim women are accepted by the society wearing colorful and attractive clothing with pattern. This is also the era when Muslim women are accepted by society to wear unique hijab style.

I cannot say no more, but telling you to get pictures of Hijabers, and have them as your inspiration in working on sketch fashion.

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