Creating fashion design sketches is fun but it is not easy to get started. There are many things that go into creating good fashion design sketches. Here are a few tips on making a good sketch. A couple of things to consider are getting a good stencil set and several sketch books. Once a good sketch is finished, more models can be made based on the design of the first.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Also, ensuring that accessories and hair styles match the sketch being made is important. Sometimes, the accessories can make all the difference between a sketch that will sell and a sketch that doesn’t.
A good stencil set is the best way to start good fashion design sketches. Stencils will train your hand and brain to make all of the proper lines and curves needed to design a sketch. Even if you are already good with drawing and art, you may find that the parameters of fashion design are a whole new experience for your brain. Also it is generally a good idea to check fashion websites and magazines often, study the styles used, and incorporate the lines and curves used into your own models. Be sure to practice using the stencils often. After enough practice, eventually the stencils will no longer be necessary.
Organization is also key. Having multiple sketch books is ideal for this, but a folder would work just as nicely. Labeling the different sketch books will be a large help. You may have ideas for men and women’s fashion. Keep them separate. One could also separate fashion design sketches by age, materials used, color of the materials, possibly even by what accessories would go best with them or who you believe the buyers would be.
It is also important to remember, when making fashion design sketches, to follow a model that works. It may be that the first sketch you create that you believe will sell could have many different possible alterations that will change the entire look of the sketch and still be just as good, possibly even better, than the first. Let’s just say you created a sketch for a dress and posted it in an online forum to get opinions and it received outstanding reviews. In this case, you could take the same sketch and separate it, turning it into a blouse and skirt combination. The reviews for this design could turn better than the first.

Then you could take your first sketch and simply modify it again by removing or changing certain patterns on the dress and adding a slit. You could potentially create an entire line of fashion sketches off your first model.
Fashion design sketches are fun and with enough practice can be a good source of income. However, one must know what they are doing because good fashion design sketches are not always easy. There is a large market and much competition, so following a good set of steps is key. Also remember that there are plenty of resources available to help with them or even to create your ideas for you.

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