Even though there have been many people who are expert in designing clothes, still, they fin difficulties when they are pointed to draw jacket. The reason is simple: drawing jacket seems difficult. However, when you have learn how to sketch fashion jacket from the basic step, then have big change to draw any fashionable and sophisticated jacket.

The very first important step in How to Sketch Fashion Jacket is by deciding a good place for jacket closing. Even though there is no exact rule, but usually designers put the first button below the chest. Secondly, you need to draw neckline. Jacket neckline is a deep V. Therefore, you need to draw the V started from shoulders and neck connect, and meet the two lines in the button point. After that, make a horizontal V bellow the collarbones to add 3-dimentional look. Then, draw the collar. The last step is draw the outlines from the silhouette. You can play with details here, and don’t forget to leave space. Many people draw it tight. That is indeed a common mistake in designing jacket for you need space to breathe conveniently.

All in all, those are the basic steps on How to Sketch Fashion: Jacket. Learn about it more, and practice a lot to get better result.

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