Learning drawing fashion model sketches is now some easier for there is Fashion Drawing for Dummies. I may say that I am a big fan of this Dummies Series, for they really give us practical explanation and effective exercise. In this very book, we are going to learn a lot about altitude, exaggeration, and style.

Moreover, by reading the book, you will also know how to put your personal signature to create a striking unique look. Then, in this very book you will also learn golden rules of fashion model sketches, the S curve, as well as putting a creative spin.

Then, the book also provides the Rules of Fashion model sketches. Several of them are that we should know the different between figure drawing and fashion drawing. Then, we should exaggerate. After that, we should think about render proportion appropriate to model’s age. We also have to avoid drawing flat look. Moreover, we have to keep experiment to keep our art fresh. After that, we have to know when to draw, to scrap, and to stop. Lastly, we have to practice. Those are the small part of knowledge that you can get from the book. Obviously, there are still many more things about Fashion model sketches that you can get from the book. So, read it online, or purchase it!

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