There are many things in the world that I always wonder about, and one of them is fashion figure sketches which sometimes do not have eyes, lips, and other components of beauty, yet, still beautifully artistic enough.

When try to find the explanation why, I always end up finding how to draw fashion figure sketches. I mean, almost all of the designers start drawing from the same steps, and they just have to decide whether they have to put eyes or not. And whatever the result is, they look attractive.

However, I found an article that explains a lot about fashion figure sketches and the fashion sketches itself. According to the article writer, we are recommended to draw simple fashion figure when we want to draw fashion sketches on it. The reason is simple. The fashion figure is just the media which to performs the magnificent fashion sketches. Therefore, designers draw the fashion figures as simple as possible enough. However, for those who gives details on adds soul to the designs, as well as the mood.

Now I know why those fashion figure sketches are beautiful. They are wearing beautiful outfits, and that is what makes them attractive. It is not figure, but it is the fashion design and the figure that is attractive.

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