The Marco Marco fashion show has brought several stars together that include Carmen Electra, Chris Salvatore, Adam Lambert, Jai Rodriguez, Tahj Mowry, GG Gharachedaghi, Vivian Lamolli, Samuel Larsen, and Lily Ghalichi. The fashion show is described as a celebration of high fashion as it featured neon fabric, futuristic cuts, men in heels, and androgynous beauties.

Behind the brand is Marco Morante, an openly gay fashion designer. They presented Marco Marco Spring/Summer 2015 collection that featured several men, women, and transgender models. Some of the models who walked the runway include Yasmine Petty and others from RuPaul’s Drag Race such as William Bellie, Sharon Needles, Detox Icunt, and Mathu Anderson. Some of Marco Morante’s clients include Fergie, Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea, and Brittney Spears.

Marco Marco’s new line has spoken a lot about the LGBT community. It is a celebration of gender bending as models rebelled against gender roles. The LGBT models used in the fashion show showcased that beauty can be found in different sizes, fashion, and body types.

Jai Rodriguez of Queer Eye for the Straight guy fame was asked about his opinion on more drag and transgender models in high fashion shows, and he said that he didn’t know there were many models who can walk the runway. He added that the industry is moving forward. He gave an example of Betsy Johnson who had William in her fashion show. He also said that Marco Marco is doing a good job in revolutionizing the industry and just doing it.

Chris Salvatore, an actor and gay activist, said that he feels that there are kids who are looking for good role models and they want to look up to someone. He added that Marco has proven that one can be out and still be successful, as long as one follows one’s dreams.


Images takenn form Marco Marco Site. Visit then and check out their great designs