In order to create a professional looking designer sketch, you need to remember two things. First, you should start with a method that feels comfortable. What is more, if that you are new in sketching fashion designs. Second, you must have a great attention to details.

Doing research on current fashions can help you to start developing your original designs and sharpening your skill to pay attention to details. The following explanations give you further information of methods and details in designer’s sketches.

There are two ways to draw professional looking designer sketch. The first one is a dimensional sketch. In a dimensional sketch, we can see that a design has the depth and different angles. The easiest way to develop a sense of dimensional drawing is by tracing a person in a fashion magazine. The second one is flat sketch. In a flat sketch, the design will show the full both front and back of it. If you want to make a flat sketch, you need use a croquis or a template. In addition, in the designer sketch, details will be the most important thing to have. You can practice different kinds of styles to help you more aware of details related to how the clothing is constructed.